Gas Log Service and Maintenance

Gas log maintenance is easy and convenient, which is a great reason for owning a set. There’s none of the hauling or sweeping associated with real wood, and no sparks to worry about as with gas logs. But to ensure they can do their job, gas logs require maintenance and proper operation. Here are a few tips to keeping your gas logs well maintained.

Have Your Gas Logs Inspected Once a Year By A Professional

To assure the gas logs are functioning properly, a professional installer should come out once a year to check the gas lines, valves, connections and safety pilot assembly, especially if the gas logs are used often. Thinking about having gas logs installed in an existing fireplace? Before you do, you will need to have your chimney cleaned to assure there is not soot build-up that will prevent proper ventilation.

Cleaning Your Gas Logs

Gas logs don’t require a lot of cleaning but if you want to wipe them off, you can take a soft bristle brush or duster to clean off any dust or dirt. However, do not remove your gas logs from the fireplace to clean them – leave them in their installed position. This is very important. Changing their position can cause damage to the logs and your fireplace when turned on. In addition, never use any water or solvent to clean gas logs.

Service & Repairs

Most service and repairs, like a leaky gas line, a broken valve or burner that is producing soot or carbon monoxide, should be done by a professional. Murphy’s Son Chimney Cleaning and Service will schedule an appointment to come out to your home and check your gas connections for leaks and signs of corrosion, refurbish the ember materials and clean the log set to help maintain the set’s beauty and realism. At the end of the service call, you will be ready to enjoy the warmth and beauty of your fireplace throughout the entire year.


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